Collection: Corporate Gifts & Special Events

Would you like to have our bar soap customized for your wedding or event? Are you searching for that perfect corporate gift for your clients? If so, please check out what we can do for you. We now offer the chance to customize the back label of our bar soap with 20 words or less. Add your names and wedding date, thank your best customers, commemorate an event - the possibilities are up to you!

  • Add up to 10 words (space permitting) on our full size bar soap
  • Add 1 line (space permitting) to our guest size boxed soap
  • 50 bar minimum for guest size bars for customization, 25 bar minimum for full size bar customization
  • Customization fee
  • Promos and discounts may not be used with custom orders
  • Please contact us and tell us what text you would like customize and to receive pricing information.

Example of customizable text area on our full size bar soap back label.