Aromatherapy Home Diffuser


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Our Aromatherapy Home Diffusers are a great way to scent your space without the worry of a candle. We combine the purest essential oils and fragrances together with natural reeds to create a wonderful new way to scent your home. Simply place the beautiful glass apothecary bottle in the room of your choice, fill with the oil and drop in the reeds. The natural wicking properties of the reeds will "sip" up the oil and gently diffuse the aroma into the room for months of enjoyment. Reverse the reeds every so often to increase the scent or as desired. This 8 oz. bottle will successfully scent your room 6 months or more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Karen Rohach
Smells great!

I bought one of these years ago and it lasted a long time. I have since bought several more and recently bought my best friend one for Christmas. I’ve never smelled a better diffuser.

Barbara Corry
Wonderful lasting fragrance!!

I was using 1 in my bathroom and I bought another one for them to go side by side in my bathroom. Just turn the sticks in the Diffuser around twice a week and your bathroom will always smell so clean and fresh..Two of these look so cool together and the fragrance is really everlasting. I recommend you get 2 !!!

Smells delicious 😋

The didduser brings perfect smell to your home.

Best diffuser oils ever, and I'm picky!

If you're looking for quality oils, look no further - these are the best. I've purchased 5 over the past 11 years and the oldest is now almost gone and smells as good as day 1! I'm migraine prone, and these don't bother me AT ALL. Gardenia and Jasmine are wonderful!

Carole Arra Weinberg
Soft scent but effective

Just a hint..not too much