Learn How Our Paper is Made

Learn How Our Paper is Made

 In 2019 we were lucky enough to visit our the people who have made our paper for us for the last 20 years.  Below is a little synopsis of what we learned about the process.  It was such a treat to finally meet the people behind all those sheets of paper that we have used over the years to wrap our bar soaps!

This is a mulberry tree.  The paper is sustainably harvested from it's branches.


This is the step where the wood pulp is rinsed and bleached.

Then the pulp is spun down to remove water.


The pulp is then formed into balls.

The pulp is spread out on wire racks with the help of water and petals are placed by hand on top to create the design.


This is Gib and I making our own paper.


 These are some of the marigolds we picked to make our paper.

Craft time, removing stems from the flowers we are going to use in the design.


Gib showing off his artwork.

Our paper is dried on racks in the sunshine.









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