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Ceramic Shaving Soap Gift Set

Ceramic Shaving Soap Gift Set

We have specially designed this beautiful ceramic mug to create loads of creamy lather. Forget shaving gels—this classic-style shaving soap contains superior skin conditioners like grapeseed oil, wine, pure aloe vera, honey and french clay. Packaged in a nifty porcelain mug with a lid, it’s waterproof, re-usable, and totally green with no wasteful packaging. The set includes our black fiber shave brush and gift box.

Aroma Profile

scent choices:
Cedar (with a hint of lavender) – our original shaving scent, fresh, clean smelling, notes of cedar, woods, hint of lavender
Ocean Blend - Mild, hints of ozone, sea salt, mineral, Hawaiian ginger, a very unisex scent
Cool Mint – peppermint essential oil and rosemary essential oil combine to perk up the senses and the skin. May feel a cooling tingle from these essential oils. Good wake me up blend!
Vintner’s Blend – Bright berry notes with a hint of earthiness, this is the same scent we use in our top selling Cabernet Soapignon. Reminiscent of grapes being crushed during winemaking.


Coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, grapeseed oil, glycerine, purified water, sodium hydroxide, bentonite clay, French green clay, sorbitol, aloe vera, vitamin E, wine, sorbitan oleate, oat protein, titanium dioxide, honey powder, fragrance and or essential oil


prevents razor burn, promotes smooth shave, gentle cleansing, moisturizing, soothing, calming, light, suitable for all skin types

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Arron Hamilton
Great shaving soap

My wife had found your shaving soap a couple of years ago at a local store near where we live! She purchased it for me as a gift to try. I was shock to find out! Out of all of the different shaving creams & soaps I have tried over the many years of shaving? Your brand was by far! Superior to anything I have used before. After my shaving soap had been used up we couldn’t find any more around here locally? So I switched back to my old brand of shaving soap but still had your enamel cup with the company name & logo on it? I decided to try a internet & was able to find & purchase on line!

Ceramic shaving soap gift set

I initially bought this shaving set for my husband on our anniversary & he loved it! I have gotten him one each year ever since. The cedar scent is very nice & highly recommended.

Robyn Pequignot
Almost perfect!

I’ve bought several of these sets for my husband and have always been very happy. He needed a new brush this time though, and was very disappointed that it no longer comes with a brush stand/holder. I looked on the site and didn’t see one to purchase separately either. So I give a 4.75 stars.

Ceramic shaving soap Gift set

NAPA'S ceramic shaving soap kit has been staple for the men in our family. The soap refills are very handy.

Amazing product!

This is the second kit that I have purchased for my husband and he loves it!